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We use the following method for preventing leaf eating pest:-

- Mix 3ml of NEEM OIL and 3ml of ECO-OIL per 1 litre of water.

- Spray this mixture as required over the foliage of the plant, shrub,

tree. etc.

- In Summer this treatment may be required every 2 weeks.

- We use this treatment in preference to using natural insecticides

such as Pyrethrum, as the Neem Oil / Eco-Oil mixture does not prevent

pollination of the flowers, and so in the case of fruit trees, you still

get your fruit.

- Regarding fruit trees it is recommended that fruit not be eaten within two

days of spraying.

- Both Neem Oil and Eco-Oil are available at Jimboomba Home Hardware.

This article is published with the kind permission of the author - Bill Fox of Mt.Dukes, Queensland.

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