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Common name. Cardboard Cycad

Botanical name. Zamia furfuracae

Description. The Cardboard Cycad grows very slowly when young, but its growth accelerates after the trunk matures. Grows to 2m high.

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Common name.       Coontie

Botanical name.        Zamia integrifolia

Description. The Coontie requires well-drained sands or sandy loam soils, It prefers filtered sunlight to partial shade and must be well watered. Grows to 90cm - 120cm high because of its drooping nature.

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Common name.       Gum Palm

Botanical name.        Dioon spinulosum

Description. The Gum Palm prefers well-drained soil with regular water. It will grow in soils containing few nutrients, in soils rich in limestone, and on slopes. Grows to 12m - 15m high and is one of the tallest growing cycads in the world.

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Common name. Sago Palm

Botanical name. Cycas revoluta

Description. A beautiful feature plant suited to temperate to tropical climates. Grow in full sun, frost and drought tolerant, little water once established. Can propagate from seed or pups. Grows to 6m - 7m high.

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